Sunday, August 12, 2012

The City of Bones

Sorry guys, Senior High School makes me more busy than usual.Assignment and test and all the things related to school.
And here's a problem, things didn't get so well in my new High School, it seems like i'm far behind all my friends. and my own clumsiness even make me stressed as well.
"The City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare, That's the book that I borrowed from the school library to fill my free time. And I think it was really good. Which i find it interesting because there's vampire, warlocks, demon and anything like in those fairy tales. But sometimes make me daydreaming more often. Like wondering what will Jace and Simon looks like. Curious? of course yes. I'm the type of someone who really loves story books. That's why it's normal for me to curious. Well, this book is my first book which i ever read in English. Sometimes i read some novels that have already been translated to Bahasa, which i find it a little bit weird. And fortunately, The library in my new school provides  some books that's import and one of them is this books. Lucky!

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