Friday, July 24, 2015

perfection? sunny side up.

okay, that picture's based on my stomach lately. I'm craving for sunny side up when i play with the photoshop. And  there you go, my random stomach thought.

Friday, September 28, 2012

"What's the point of loving someone that doesn't love you back?"

love, something that can be nice yet hurting. Bitter Sweet.
Having a crush on someone you really admire isn't actually that easy.  Everything you talk to them usually about only his liking to make sure that he won't be annoyed by us. In the other hand, I wish to talk freely with each other, tell jokes, and laugh.Sometimes love make us lie to ourselves, make us try to be someone that's totally different from our real selves. That's what i think for the past 2 months.
But now i realize about how important it is to show someone our real self. Not to hide them, but to reveal them. That's how you can see if the people around you accept you the way you are, or maybe not. The same goes for your crush, And in the end, He likes me much better when i'm being friendly. Well, that's the last time i talk to him.
No matter how much i try to endure this kind of lonely feeling, i still cry in the end. No matter what, crying is a normal thing to do for girls right? Well, glad to know i have this people around me who can fill this emptiness, and make me feel of being loved by my friends and family.
And then one of them said : 
"What's the point of loving someone that doesn't love you back?"
exactly the same question that i said to her the last time when she cried. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The City of Bones

Sorry guys, Senior High School makes me more busy than usual.Assignment and test and all the things related to school.
And here's a problem, things didn't get so well in my new High School, it seems like i'm far behind all my friends. and my own clumsiness even make me stressed as well.
"The City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare, That's the book that I borrowed from the school library to fill my free time. And I think it was really good. Which i find it interesting because there's vampire, warlocks, demon and anything like in those fairy tales. But sometimes make me daydreaming more often. Like wondering what will Jace and Simon looks like. Curious? of course yes. I'm the type of someone who really loves story books. That's why it's normal for me to curious. Well, this book is my first book which i ever read in English. Sometimes i read some novels that have already been translated to Bahasa, which i find it a little bit weird. And fortunately, The library in my new school provides  some books that's import and one of them is this books. Lucky!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of Junior High School

sorry for the (very) late post. i don't know what to post because i haven't done any new artwork, or took some photos on some events.
The Graduation Ceremony has passed and it means i graduated from Junior High School, and also there's Prom night with Retro as it's dress code.It was one of the best party I ever had. Sadly, i didn't bring my camera, and didn't took many photos. Really "A Night To Remember"
My Class had a farewell sleepover. it was really fun, My favorite one is when we listened to some scary stories. I don't really like ghost or anything like that but with them i don't really feel scared at all.